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Willoughby’s Demise is a 3rd person action game where the protagonist attempts to bring the powerful tyrannical warlord, Willoughby, down with his own powers. The protagonist is a leader within a rebel army on a different planet, who finally decides they must take the fight to Willoughby if the army wanted a chance to win the war. After coming to this conclusion, the protagonist knows Willoughby is too powerful for an all-out blitz to his home planet, but thinks if they go alone they might be able to steal some of Willoughby’s power from his shrine. The rebel army has sent many scouts to gather intel on Willoughby’s home planet, and a very sim number of those scouts made it back safely. However, with the intel the protagonist has, they know everything they need to know to get some of Willoughby’s power.


After the protagonist tells the rebel army, they leave for Willoughby’s home planet. On this planet, there is a high level of radiation on the surface and acid rivers that melts even the most powerful of materials in the universe. There are also anti-air defenses near Willoughby’s home, so the protagonist must make a quick drop to avoid not having an escape vehicle. When the protagonist arrives on the planet, they rush to the garden maze they Power Stone Shrine is. Due to the protagonist rushing to the maze, they are seen by Willoughby and one of his guards. Willoughby then alerts some of his guards to go block off the exits to the maze and wait for the protagonist to come out. Once the protagonist comes out, they quickly notice they have no exit to go back where he came. The protagonist then makes a run for it, unknowing of where they are going, and the guards chase the protagonist. The guards then chase the protagonist to an edge of the acid river, and with nowhere else to go, the protagonist jumps in the river.


The guards believed the protagonist died jumping into that river, the protagonist did as well, however, the power stone the protagonist took protected them from most the fatal effects of the river. Willoughby knew the stone would protect the protagonist and waits for them to resurface and call back their UFO. When the protagonist resurfaces, they are confused, badly injured, yet still alive and determined to get off Willoughby’s home planet. When the protagonist calls for their UFO, they see Willoughby, and his guards in front of them blocking the way to the UFO. It is then a fast break to the UFO for the protagonist, while avoiding Willoughby and his guards. The protagonist successfully makes it off Willoughby’s home planet, and now with some Willoughby’s powers is ready to take the fight to them.

This version of the game is from the moment you land on Willoughby's planet to thhe  moment you leave

I didn't make most of the art assets, other than the grass, a few tress, the post processing, water plane, and part of terrain. Everything else was either already made, customized by in in a different software, or just re-arranged.  

environment asset pieces (buildings, bridges, trees, ect.)


Install instructions

The game is project 2.exe

and the only control you have is to jump  with the space bar


Willoughby's Demise.zip 783 MB
Willoughby's_Demise.app.zip 791 MB

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